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FileMaker 16 Card Window hacks with MBS Plugin

So 4. Jun 2017, 08:39

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FileMaker 16 Card Window hacks
By MonkeybreadSoftware
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We got a new video for you about our latest functions for FileMaker 16. While talking to other developers at dotfmp conference in Berlin, a few developers told me about the new card window feature in FileMaker 16 lacking a few details in functionality. 

A quick check showed that a plugin could of course monitor mouse clicks and trigger a script if a click is done outside a given area. The new EventMonitor.SetCardWindow function allows you to define where the card is and which script to trigger in case of a click. This script can than clear the trigger with EventMonitor.ClearCardWindowand close the card.

Please try next week the new plugin and this feature and let me know how it works for you. 
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